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Vertical Balers

Vertical balers take up a small footprint and range in sizes creating bales from 200lbs to 1600lbs. The operator loads, ties, and hydraulically ejects bales from the baler. The compression cycle is fully automatic.

Horizontal Balers

Horizontal balers are used for high volume recycling. These machines are available in closed end manual tie to open end auto tie units.

Stationary Compactors

Stationary compactors are designed for maximum compaction of waste materials into a receiver container of various sizes. when the container is full the hauler disconnects the container from the compactor, dumps, and returns the container

Self Contained Compactors

Self contained compactors are designed for wet waste an are designed to hold up to 30 inches of liquid. When the compactor is full the hydraulics are disconnected and the whole unit is removed by the hauler to be dumped.

Multi-Chamber Balers

Top loaded baler that can be extended to form a multichamber system for sorting and baling recyclables such as cardboard and plastic film. Single phase installation, easy operation and bale dolly included for simple handling of 100-200 lbs bales.


The classic bagging compactor that can reduce waste volumes in bags by up to 10:1. Easy to locate even in limited spaces. A compacted and well sealed bag prevents leakage and odors. Critical parts made from stainless steel. Wheeled - for easy cleaning.

Specialty Baler

Compact and effective frontloaded baler for versatile application. It takes up only 6 sq. ft. of your floor space and has a ceiling clearance of 6'7". Bale weighs from 110-150 lbs.

Specialty Baler

For operations needing higher capacity than most balers in its size can offer Floor space less than 9 sq. ft. and a cycle time of only 13 seconds! With its power, it is suitable for most recyclable materials such as cardboard, cans and various plastics producing bales up to 220 lbs.


The Auger pre-crushes and can compact a broad range of materials, such as cardboard, plastic, pallets or construction garbage you are looking to recycle or compact. Most baler, waste or recycling equipment out there cannot offer you the same results. The result is that our industrial trash compactors can process a larger variety and a higher volume of cardboard, plastic, pallets, all kinds of refuse or other construction garbage than any other type of trash compactor on the market today.

Allegheny Shredder

Shredders offer secure destruction of high volumes of confidential materials, day-in and day-out. These long-lasting, high capacity shredders can accommodate one operator, although the large feed table will also accommodate a second operator or an Allegheny tipper for fast, efficient shredding.


Turbo Separator

The product is introduced into the unit via a flanged inlet where the product is cycled through the Turbo Separator's agitator. The variable RPMs along with the design features of the beater blades and breaker bars separate the product from its packaging. The product is routed through a center discharge where a screen filters the product. Various screens are available depending on the product's size and consistency. The packaging material continues through the cylinder to an end discharge for disposal or recycling.

Cart Tipper

Cart tippers are available in various sizes to dump heavy loads into the compaction equipment and can be configured to your application.

Plastic Foam Densifying Machine

Utilizing high volume extrusion technology. Plastic foam scrap is placed into the hopper of the machine where it is crushed into small chunks, then the pieces drop into an auger/screw where the material is heated and extruded into ingot for collection. The process is safe, clean and does not emit harmful emissions.

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