Source Separation


Premier Facility Management: Can provide the following services, which may be applied to your facility(s) to achieve stability in solid waste management. Our programs are strategically planned with flexibility for changing regulations and a direction toward compliance. We handle design and installation of new, highly efficient waste compaction equipment. The separation and marketing of recyclable material forms the base of our program.

  • Waste Equipment Design and Installation
  • Waste Receptacle Area Design
  • Waste Minimization & Material Marketing Program
  • Rental and Lease Programs
  • Reduction In Carbon Footprint

Recycling Equipment Design and Installation

Premier has over 33 years of experience in the solid waste & recycling industry. PFM is fully insured and offer competitive rates with fast an courteous service. We perform services for many equipment manufactures, PFM is certified by the state of new Jersey and perform services for federal, state, county, and municipal organizations, References are available upon request.

PFM offers complete lines of equipment and services to find the right application for your waste and recycling needs. We work with many waste and recycling companies to customize a recycling program to suit your company with many options.

Waste Equipment Repairs and Maintenance


We have shop and field fabrication capabilities for chutes, enclosures and hoppers on equipment.

We offer scheduled preventative maintenance, cleaning, and power washing.

We also provide site surveys, insurance inspections, and follow all OSHA, ANSI, state and federal safety requirements.

Changing the oil in your compactor every couple of years depending on usage will extend the life of your equipment.

Keeping the hydraulic hoses off the ground and will help prevent costly breakdowns.

Preventative maintenance extends equipment life and saves money over the life of the equipment.

Green Certified Destruction


PFM provides programs that track and monitor excess inventory of packaged, raw and finished goods. We have developed material/product-tracking systems that ensure the destruction of the products, using the most sustainable and accountable methods.

Waste generators can potentially reduce or eliminate their status as “large-quantity generators” by exploring recycling and waste-to-energy markets. Compliance with all regulatory agencies maintains foremost conformity.

  • Packaging Material Destruction/Recycling
  • Certificate-of-Destruction Compliance
  • Hard-to-Handle Material Markets
  • Ethanol Recycling and On-site Distillation
  • Complete Tracking and Control of all By-products and Non-marketable Products
  • Complete Paper Trail to Facilitate the Process
  • Plastic • Glass • Bulk • Raws

Material marketing - By-Product Application

Premier Facility Management has developed a data base of material markets globally. The material markets include conventional paper, cardboard, all grades of plastic, Styrofoam, wood metal, masonry plus food-by product. Personal care industry powders, cream, lotions and flammable material as well. The Premier Facility Management unique sustainability program has access to a 18 year data base of material markets that accelerates the application of waste material towards recycling and beneficial use.

PFM provides residuals recycling services to product processing plants and industrial clients. Its services are focused on the recycling of residuals in a manner that benefits the generator and the environment. The company is primarily engaged in providing services, where residuals are moved from the point of generation to the processors where by-products are beneficially used as supplements. Many of these “wastes” can be beneficially recycled rather than disposed in landfills or through incineration.

Construction Waste - LEED Reporting


Premier Facility Management: A leader in source separation programs for Construction and Demolition debris. USGBC-LEED Affiliated.

PFM’s methods of reuse/recycling are taking center stage in the recycling industry. Our programs prove to be cost-effective alternatives for all types of waste; while assisting companies in achieving sustainable goals for beneficial use and recycling.

Download an example of our Construction Containers/Equipment Service Requirements.

Download an example of a previous LEED report.

Download a sample construction waste management plan.

Refurbish and Re-Work Programs

Premier Facility Management offers the ability to handle all of your returns management as well as the entire reverse logisitics process. Our business model is highly flexible, and we can even be set up to be your designated return center – we are scaled to accommodate any size product return volume possible.

With our state-of-the-art tracking system, we can provide accurate and up to date information throughout every stage of the process including:

  1. Recording of all necessary product information and pictures
  2. Receiving of product
  3. Sorting of product
  4. Remanufacture or repackaging of product
  5. Storage of all product
  6. Inventory of entire product
  7. All packaging recycled in a sustainable manner

Re-Use Product and Material Donation

Over 500 Charities Nationally (USA)

Our program is to provide the highest quality service, guiding the most efficient environmentally conscious material program available. We will carry out our mission nationwide in an efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible manner; joining with you to preserve the environment for our friends, families, and generations to come.

Premier Facility Management (PFM) has over 500 letters of acknowledgement from hundred of charities nationally. The letters stem from 1986 to current 2010. This effort is crucial to the reuse portion of the PFM program. A list of the charity organizations can be found in the project portion of the PFM website.

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