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Congratulation to you and your team for a job well done.
This recognition does not come without tons of hard work and new ways to divert materials from waste streams.
Keep finding more ways to divert, it is exciting...
Here's to continued great works and a more sustainable company.

Be safe,
Bill Gates ,LEED AP
Project Executive - PHL Airport
VRH Construction

Dear Bob:

On behalf of the Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks, and more particularly, the officers and members of Wayne Lodge 2181, I want to express my thanks and heartfelt appreciation for your most generous donation of gifts for our hospitalized Veterans.

It is people like you, whose kindness, generosity, and sense of community make it possible for the Elks to continue its mandate to reach out to the community and "help those less fortunate than ourselves".

Monies, goods and services donated to our charities will support such things as: Special Needs Children, Veterans, Scouting, Youth Activities, College Scholarships, Food Pantry, Drug Awareness Programs: just to name a few.

Thanks to your support, The Wayne Elks will be able to "reach out a little further" into the community; "help one more less fortunate person/family;and/or "put a smile on the face of a handicapped child".

Bob, thank you, once again, for all that you do. Your kindness is appreciated.

Barbara J Margiotta - Wayne Lodge #2181
Exalted Ruler

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Frustaci,

Thank you for all you have done for us again this year with your amazing and generous donation of toys this holiday season to the State of New Jersey's Intensive Supervision Program (ISP). Your donation reached countless less fortunate families in Newark, Jersey City, the Oranges, Irvington, Elizabeth, Plainfield and Paterson. Toys were also distributed to needy children at Trinity Methodist Church on Cinton Avenue in Newark. As our holiday party this year was held at the JFK Recreation Center in Newark, many children in their afterschool program were also recipients of your donation.

Your donation is a blessing to so many struggling families and it gives them peace to know their children will have something to open up this holiday season. This is the biggest struggle for so many of our parents this time of year. Without your donation, most of these children never would have had much of a Christmas. Your generosity showed not only them but their parents the true meaning of the season.


Theresa Brantly, ISP Officer

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to your company for your generous donation of perfumes and hair care products to the clients of our program here at Integrity House. We currently provide Substance Abuse Treatment services for over 60 women. Because of your generosity, we were able to provide each client with a lovely gift bag of top notch perfumes and hair products for Christmas.

Your kindhearted spirit during the holiday season made a tremendous impact on so many lives. We serve a population of woman who have been scarred by life’s challenges and your donations and contributions were a blessing to them and our program.

Dear Mr. Klarberg,

On behalf of Babyland family Services Board of Trustees and staff, thank you for your generous support of the donations of furniture including office furniture, office supplies and kitchen cabinets to our families utilizing our services here at Babyland Family Services. Our staff is most grateful for your donated to the family violence shelter. It looks great in the offices!
Your generosity is greatly appreciated by staff and most importantly by the families we serve! Again, many thinks for your help. We look forward to your continued support.

Thank you,
Annette P. McDonald, MAS, DVS
Babyland Family Services, Inc.

Dear Bob and Brian,
On behalf of the Met Life Stadium (originally New Meadowlands Stadium) I would like to personally thank you and the Premier staff for helping our team by introducing your waste-reduction through increased recycling program.
Our team is so proud to now have in place a systematic Premier designed program for gathering the recyclable materials during games and events, in the stadium, and throughout the parking lots during pre-game tailgating. Your infused clear-bag system of collection and material management has set our arena towards a mast sustainable direction.
We look forward to sharing a portion of the funds from collecting recycling to the American Breast Cancer Foundation in the continued fight for a cure!

Henry Rzemieniewski
Cleaning Operations Manager
MetLife Stadium

Premier is a unique company who provides solutions that make sense are economical and effective not just providing the normal service associated with trash removal etc.
They have worked with us to reduce our rodent problems around our facilities by developing a system to bundle trash reducing the amount and keeping it in a custom containment preventing rodents from getting to it. This has deterred them from coming back to the site now that we have eliminated their food source.
With these solution Premier has created a neater curbside appeal and a healthier environment for the entire community. Their equipment suggestion has saved labor cost and time and increase efficiency of our workforce.
The total experience with Premier Facility Management and their entire staff has been exceptional and I highly recommend them as your choice for all your recycling and waste disposal needs.

Pasquale A. Valerio
VP Real Property & Facilities Management
Institute for Community Living, Inc.

Dear Bob and Brian,

I just wanted to take the time to let you both know what a positive impact your sustainability program and baling equipment has had at our property. Your program has resulted in our staff being more efficient in the handling and baling of the recyclables while providing our property with additional much needed space.
Our residents have noticed and commented on the much improved appearance to the exterior of the property when the baled recyclables are placed outside for collection.
Overall this program has been a great success and we are very pleased; I will not hesitate to recommend your services.

Efrain Lopez
Resident Manager
Clinton Management

We have been working together for over 20 years, during which time you and your firm have provided LCOR with great insight and direction on design input of waste management, recycling of materials and managing these programs, as well as providing the necessary equipment required (compactors, trash chutes, etc.) and endless other issues that you solved for us.
Lawrence V. Capelli
Director of Development & Construction
New York, NY

I would like to thank Premier Facility Management for their design and installation of recycling equipment. Your recycling equipment proved to be a tremendous asset to my high-rise residential building in New York City. Your innovative approach saved my staff a tremendous amount of time and we all know that "time is money" in preparing the recyclables for collection as well as saving valuable building space in my trash room!
Thank You,
Danny Siftonto
Building Management
New York City

I would like to take the time to express my thanks to Premier Facility Management. The PFM Green Program addressed issues in our excess inventory concerns. Marketing obsolete inventory has increased our warehouse available space, while making room for the vertical baler to service our plastic and cardboard recycling.
The combination of the vertical baler, trash compactor, and office/lunch room recycling project has reduced our trash liability 50%. GOOD JOB PFM GREEN!
Drew Pizzo
Collection 18
New York, NY

I would like to express my thanks on behalf of Gucci America. The PFM Green and installation has increased our facility efficiency tremendously. The reduction in cost coupled with the reduction in carbon footprint is noticeably substantial. The PFM Green equipment and staff has been an asset to the Gucci operation.
Best regards, and thank you,
Robert Slawski
Facility Management - Gucci America

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the entire Premier Management Staff for your services on the Project Regional Data Center project. I would also thank Premier for the LEED reporting and service provided at the New Jersey Public Health Lab Project, in West Trenton, NJ. The consistency in the program and service Premier provides Lend-Lease in New Jersey is a financial benefit as well as a sustainable foundation for our projects. Lend Lease looks forward to working with Premier on future projects.
David A. Seavers
Vice President
Ewing Township, NJ

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team.
You've installed the proper equipment, which has enabled us to reduce waste by over 75%. Additionally, by implementing your recycling program we've secured rebates for marketing recyclable products and reduced material handling.
We've saved over 47% on trucking and tonnage thereby reducing the facilities carbon footprint.
Job Well Done!
Juan Quintanar
USA, Operations Manager
Passaic, NJ

I would like to personally tank you for your help in finding the right solution to our obsolete inventory issue.
While the process of dealing with obsolete materials is something that most companies struggle with, I was totally satisfied with the way that Premier handled the transaction. Once we agreed on the proper solution, everything was completed in a timely and professional manner.
Lance Tkacs
Director of Operation
Protameen Chemicals Inc.
Totowa, NJ

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in revamping our waste management program here at Rockaway Bedding Inc. I have had the time to analyze our new program and found that we have significantly reduced our expenses now that we bale our cardboard and plastic.
Jack Disanza
Vice President of Operations
Rockaway Bedding, Inc.
Randolph, NJ

Your efforts in coordinating the separation and disposal of our obsolete product have had a tremendous impact on our warehouse situation. Your firm's ability to keep costs down while maintaining high environmental standards is refreshing to see in today's society.
Joe Nitzsche
Director, Facilities Management
Paterson, NJ

It was your introduction of Recycling our debris removals that has saved us untold thousands of dollars as opposed to disposing of debris into C&D landfills.
Thank you for your outstanding service and your integrity and assistance have been essential to our estimating and obtaining many of our demolition projects.
Invirex Demolition, Inc.
Edward Brown
General Manager
New York, NY

Thank you and your staff for the constant attention to detail while servicing our account. The concept of re-use during the multi-million dollar construction project at our Hasbrouck Heights Sheraton saved the project considerably.
Dick Moskal
Vice President Purchasing
Fairfield, NJ

Premier has completely transformed 160,000 sq. ft. of Distribution, creating carted garbage into a full recycling entity profiting from the waste it produces.
In 2006, the first full year of cardboard and plastic recycling, The Counnaught Group realized a 50% savings in the total cost of waste management.
Lee Hafkin
Director of Distribution and Logistics
Long Island City, NY

On behalf of Intercosmetics, I would like to formally thank you, and your staff and Premier Facility Management for the efficient handling and processing of our excess inventory and store returns. The professionalism and knowledge Premier holds of the industry proved to save Intercosmetics a significant amount of time and money.
In the past, Intercosmetics has used other companies for handling our certified destruction needs. I found Premier's service to be above reproach and environmentally sound. Keep up the good work and lets continue our professional relationship.
Yours truly,
Ron Karpiej
Jamesburg, NJ

I wanted to thank you Premier Facility Management for all their had work in securing us the best price for the DLK and keeping us informed on changing market conditions. This information has helped us maximize our return on the recycling materials that we sell, and we consider our relationship a true partnership.
Very truly yours,
Larry Grossbard
Vice President
Middletown, NY

Over the course of 2007, we have seen a drop of about 25% in our waste removal expenses, which does not include the money we have earned in selling our recycled plastic and paper waste.
You sold us on the idea to install the two balers, one for our paper waste and one for our plastic waste and it has definitely turned into a winner for us here at 4C Foods.
Yours truly,
Wayne J. Celauro
Executive Vice President4C Foods Corp.
Brooklyn, NY

MAP would like to express our thanks for helping with our waste removal program. From inception to final realization the project was executed extremely professional. A difficult problem for our organization was disposing of our manufacturing materials, your persistence in finding a solution made the project come together on time and on budget.
Ron DePack
Plant Manager
MAP of Easton
Easton, PA

On behalf of Clarins I would like to thank you and the Premier staff for an incredible performance regarding our new horizontal baler program. The out of the box thinking part included the new cardboard chute was a one of a kind installation.
Premier's turnkey recycling program is a breath of fresh air in a distribution facility operation.
Premier has maximized our recycling while minimizing our waste cost. Good Job PFM Green!
Scott DeLuca
Clarins, USA
Orangeburg, NY

On behalf of Bath and Body Works (BBW), I'd personally like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job of expediting and completing our national waste-removal and certified destruction requirement.
Sincerely yours,
John Gentile, BBW Filler REP

It has been approximately fine (5) years since we were introduced and begun working together on a major pharmaceutical project. Your firm has always provided quality service with very competitive pricing.
Very Truly Yours,
David A. Seavers
Vice President
Bovis Lend Lease

In all my years of property management I have yet to encounter such a unique piece of equipment. The GMI Waste Reduction compaction system is really something. By utilizing this new compactor, our waste removal costs have reduced by greater than forty percent.
Jorge Velez
Operations Manager
M.D. Carlisle Construction Corp.
New York

Here at Reliable Van & Storage we recently undertook a large scale project to "go green". The team at Premier went above and beyond to make this large project as easy for us as possible; personally overseeing the process from purchase through the installation and training of our staff on the machines.
Thanks and best regards,
Peter J. Toscano
President and CEO
Reliable Van & Storage Company Inc.
Elizabeth, NJ

The equipment that we have been provided with greatly improves our ability to handle our trash on site. By doing this, we have improved our waste management costs significantly.
Jack Sandbach
Packaging & Distribution Resources (PDR)
Sayreville, NJ

WOW! You guys did a great job and I applaud the huge effort Premier Facility Management extended to Sara Lee Coffee and Tea. Your equipment and program introduced to our Moonachie plant is an asset to our operation.

Very truly yours
Michael R. Sobers
Plant Manager
Sara Lee Coffee & Tea

Dear Bob, I can't thank you enough for your unbelievable and generous donation of toys this holiday season to the State of New Jersey's Intensive Supervision Program (ISP). Your kindness reached so many of our families in the minor cities - Newark, Jersey City, The Oranges, Irvington, Paterson, Plainfield, Elizabeth as well as the Apostle house Shelter, a homeless shelter for women and their children on Grant Street in Newark.
Theresa Brantly, IPS Officer
Administrative Office of The Courts State of New Jersey

I am extending the joy expressed by the women in our female shelter and rehabilitation programs for the generous gift of make up and toiletries. Obviously they don't get too many personal things of this nature, and we are honored that you thought of our friends.
Gratefully yours,
Rev. Msgr. Vincent E. Puna, Public Relations

Dear Mr. Frustaci,
We are grateful to God, for how far we have progressed in community service which is only possible with the help of committed persons such as yourselves.
We are in your debt, for the toys, that you made available to us. The items that we received have been disbursed throughout the Northside community and I assure you, that these items have been delightfully received.
Rev. Dr. Stafford J. Miller, Pastor
St. Philip's united Methodist Ministry

On behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Suffolk County, please accept our thanks for your generous donation of Victoria's Secret bath accessories in support of the Northport/Lloyd Harbor Regatta and Gala Charity weekend fundraiser. This event, which was held on July 9 and 10, 1999 at the Northport Yacht Club, raised over $37,000, almost twice as much as last year, truly an outstanding accomplishment!
Cathy LaSusa-Higgins
Executive Director

Dear PFM, Thank you once again for your generous offer of personal hygiene products to The Grant-A-Wish Foundation. As we discussed, we are glad to accept the second shipment of these products.
We understand that these products are not for use by children. We know that we can effectively utilize these products in our programs.
Linda E. Krach, Director of Administration

Thank you very much for your gift to Materials for the Arts. As funding for the arts diminishes, your contribution is a great public benefit to the cultural community. Through MFA, donations such as yours serve as an indispensable source of assistance to more than 1,000 nonprofit arts organizations, artists involved in public projects, and community, health and social services with arts programs throughout New York City. We welcomed you as a contributor. (27 monitors)
Susan Glass
Director, Materials for the Arts

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